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Where are you located? 

30 Golf Drive Plymouth Ma 02360 

2nd Floor of The Village Sports Center

When should I arrive?

15 minutes prior to class 

What if I have to cancel?  

Cancellation policy is 2 hours before class start time or you will be charged a $10 late fee. Please email or dm us if you’re outside of that timeframe to waive fee. 

What should I wear? 

Barre socks are required for all Barre and Mat classes, sneakers for Ignite Sweat and  Pound Classes. We suggest wearing form-fitting clothing that lets you move, stretch, and sweat! 

What should I except? 

Ignite Barre Classes are 50-55 minutes. We keep it moving at a fast pace but take a quick barre stretch after our thigh series! Class begins with a warm-up, move to our arm series, then we work into our thigh series, glutes and move onto abs and we always end with a stretch and meditation. 

We like to tell clients that it take about one-five classes to get the hang of the flow and moves of barre—but the moves are always changing and you will never have the same class twice!


Why is Music such a huge part of Ignite? 


Ignite Barre and Mat 45 were created to move your body through fluid movements and sequences based on the 8 count and to the beat of the music. While using light weights and repetition. The low impack movements reduce the risk of injury. The music and the flow together take you out of your head, so you can be fully in your body, in the moment. Your muscles will burn like never before, but you will feel great after! 

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