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30 Day Reset

IGNITE is teaming up with Amy Perry, a retired fitness competitor, trainer, and fitness club owner to offer a 30 Day Clean Eating Course. This course is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. 30 Days to Healthy Living acts as a RESET in establishing healthy habits.


  • Prepare to feel in control of your eating, knowing that you won't have to overthink about food anymore.


  • Expect to feel balanced with more stable mood as you work on balancing your hormones through a simple holistic approach.


  • Be ready to feel your body's digestive system run smoothly again without the bloat and symptoms of poor gut health like fatigue and irritability.


  • This program will give the tools you need to meal plan, help to identify foods that might not by serving your body while focusing on adding nutrient-dense, plant-based whole foods into your daily routine.

  • You'll never have to eat less, count anything, or feel deprived.

Using a 30 Day mobile app, daily steps to improve gut and hormone health will help give a better understanding of the changes happening to your body during these 30 days. The group chat will allow you to tap into the 30 day community, see what other participants are asking, share results, or ask the coaches questions. Get started on your path to healthy living!

Click the link below and Amy will reach out with any info you need before you start. 

30 Days to Healthy Living

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